Services masonry consulting

ARCON's masonry restoration consultants have the special expertise you need to help assure you that your facility's masonry condition is safe. This frequently overlooked area of concern is crucial to protecting your investment because masonry problems, though usually invisible to the untrained eye, may be eating away at your building at an alarming rate. Left unchecked, they can create mysterious leaks and other serious breaches of structural integrity; that cost thousands of unnecessary extra dollars. These dangerous consequences can also lead to higher liability, thus exposure to lawsuits.

ARCON's masonry restoration consultants are licensed professionals. Their extensive experience is an invaluable asset to keeping your property in top condition, now and in the future. Unlike contractors with special interests, ARCON professionals always represent your best interests during any construction or renovation project you undertake.

At ARCON, total integrated building maintenance consultation service is always available. Architects, engineers, roofing experts and a host of others, are here to assist you in every aspect and in every phase of your project.

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