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ARCON's Construction Managers are a breed apart. Architects by trade and training, we bring our design, construction project management and estimating skills out of the office and into the field during every phase of construction. We're in the trenches for our clients every day, combining invaluable, hands-on management expertise with the eyes and minds of architectural professionals. ARCON Construction Managers will keep construction projects on the fast track and significantly improve the overall quality of our finished structures.

Our clients hold the contracts and the General Contractor's mark-up is eliminated, because projects are bid directly to prime contractors. As a result, our clients experience a new level of project control and contractor competence, and the individual prime contractors are held accountable for their quality of work. We will be there to handle all of the inevitable, time-consuming details.

ARCON will work through all of the initial design and budgeting phases, from feasibility studies to material and building system selection. This allows our clients to take full advantage of our value engineering experience before major cost determining decisions are made. Then, we will manage the bidding and contract award process to assure the best contractors are selected for every aspect of the job.

During construction, we focus on Critical Path scheduling, which is an important tool for effective project management. We use the scope of work, the duration of the time before completion, and aggressive project management to assure that everything will be done on time with the highest efficiency, and to the highest quality standards. Our clients count on us to always have their best interests in mind. The result is a higher quality structure, completed in less time than other traditional program delivery methods.

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