Maine South High School Turf Field

Maine South’s football field was built over an old landfill, which presented several issues for the high school. Due to the unstable ground, the client was constantly having to bring truckloads of soil to the site to help level the field from settling. Also, any digging that occurred on the site led to contaminated, and unusable, soil from the old landfill.

After conducting a site evaluation ARCON’s team took soil borings and engineered a step-by-step plan to compact the soil in levels, creating a more stable surface to build/play on. This helped address the “settling” issue. Also, a “floating stadium” was built on grade, in order to accommodate for the movement of the soil. A new drainage system was implemented. Lighting was added to the field using caissons, which helped create a watertight structure, so that water could not interfere with the foundation.


Maine Township HSD 207


Park Ridge, IL

Construction Manager

ARCON Managers, LLC


August 2008