Palatine High School Library

The library at Palatine High School was remodeled in 2016 as part of a district-wide effort to renovate these spaces to support their 21st Century curriculum. The existing footprint presented a challenge as it was L-shaped and difficult to supervise. Likewise, an existing MDF Room was centrally located and would have been costly to relocate. The space did not provide a visual connection to the adjacent corridors and thus, felt very “tucked away.”

ARCON partnered closely with staff and administration to reorganize the space to create a library that feels open and inviting. Introduction of a glazed, curved entry and, a secondary entry to the newly renovated Café, and borrowed lites that provide a view to the Cafeteria below work to transform the space and create a welcome connection to the remainder of the school. The placement of a curved circulation desk and satellite “help stations” add playful character to the library and address the need for supervision and student support. Colorful soffits mimic the furniture design and give the overall space a fresh appeal. The Tech Office is appropriately placed adjacent to the existing MDF, but with visual access to an enlarged Classroom Zone that is also flanked by desired Small Group Rooms and the additional space reorganization and shift of bookshelves to the room perimeter open footprint to student use.


Township High School District 211


Palatine, IL


15,655 SF Renovation



Construction Manager

Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


December 2016