Palatine High School Cafeteria Renovation

Palatine High School, in Township High School District 211, had outgrown their existing kitchen and their cafeteria was in need of remodeling. The project presented unique challenges as the cafeteria had to continue to service a large student population, and the transition between the single-height space of the kitchen to the volumous cafeteria required architectural sensitivity. Decorative soffits delineate the new serving lines and allow for light from the existing clerestory windows to infiltrate both the cafeteria and kitchen, which was previously enclosed. The kitchen expansion also created the opportunity for a curved wall and soffit that became the new focal point of the space and allowed for the introduction of color and signage to enhance the space and utilize the built environment to promote school spirit.


Township High School District 211


Palatine, IL


8,100 SF Renovation



General Contractor

Frontier Construction


August 2013