Parkland School Classroom Renovations

A District-Wide facility expansion program included new classroom and curriculum support spaces at five elementary schools in McHenry School District 15, necessary to accommodate the anticipated increase in student enrollment.

The culmination of the expansion program was a nine classroom addition at one of the District’s two middle schools, Parkland School. The addition connects the two main corridors closing the circulation loop, as well as squaring off the back corner of the overall building footprint.

The facilities expansion across the District had the added benefit of finally removing twenty year old and deteriorated temporary mobile classroom units.

The existing Parkland School had several rooms dedicated to IT servers in various parts of the building. The new addition included a new MDF room which provided a more centralized location from before to more efficiently handle the current IT demands and effectively distribute throughout the building.


McHenry School District 15


McHenry, IL



Construction Manager

Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


August 2020