Landscape Architecture


How It Works

As Landscape Architects experienced in all facets of the design of exterior spaces, our design solutions focus on understanding the site, being respectful of existing natural characteristics such as wildlife habitat and plant life, and developing options that align with the client’s vision. The result is the creation of outdoor spaces that will be a blend of both function and aesthetics.

Let's Break It Down

  • Site Planning
    • Site Grading and Drainage
    • Storm Water Management, Bioswales, and Rain Gardens
    • Vehicular and Pedestrian Circulation and Accessibility
  • Recreation
    • Natural and Artificial Sports Fields
    • Playgrounds
    • Paved Courts
  • Landscape Design
    • Plantings and Hardscapes
    • Outdoor Furniture and Lighting


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Lake Park High School – West Campus Baseball Field

Lake Park CHSD 108

District-Wide Playgrounds

West Chicago ESD 33

Schrum Memorial Middle School

Hoover-Schrum SD 157

Edison Elementary Playground

Skokie/Morton Grove SD 69

District-Wide Turf Fields

Township HSD 211

District-Wide Tennis Courts

Township HSD 211