Craig Celebrates 8 Years!

Today’s #teammembertuesday highlights Craig Podalak, who’s been at ARCON since 2012!

Favorite part about working at ARCON:
The comradery of the office. ARCON is the definition of teamwork. Whether we are collaborating on the design for a new school, teaming up to get a renovation project out to bid, or celebrating a big event for someone in the office…we do it together. Heading into work every day is exciting and you never know what’s going to happen, in a good way. A co-worker could see your design/drawing and give you a great idea OR that same person might pull a prank on you that day! ARCON is a place I enjoy heading to on a daily basis.

Favorite part about being an architectural team member/CM :
My favorite part is the technical side of the work and how all the little details fit together to make a final product. However, when dabbling in both architecture & CM, I really get to experience the entire construction process which is just amazing. On the architectural side, I have the chance to meet with a client at the very start of their “idea”, manipulate designs, and eventually put it all together into drawings & details. During all that, in the back of my mind I am already thinking of how this is going to affect the CM side of the project. Once the CM part of the work begins, tweaking the schedule and seeing how the project as a whole will come together is something not a lot of architects get to experience. Actually being “in the trenches” with the contractors, and witnessing how details come to life, has changed the way I put drawings & designs together.

What do you like to do for fun with your family/friends:
I am a pretty simple person. I actually enjoy yard work, I know crazy, but being outside in nice weather & nature is very relaxing for me actually and I love my bird feeders! After a long day of yard work, sitting down to have a few drinks on the back deck with some good company is always enjoyable. However, my favorite thing to do is when my wife & I take our dog to the dog park. She (the dog) runs around like crazy while we walk & chat about whatever, just the two of us.

Fun fact about you:
I played volleyball in college and was named Big Ten & National Defensive Player of the Year. Good times!

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