Re-Roofing of Stevenson Towers at Northern Illinois University

It’s Roofing Week in Chicago! To celebrate, we’re sharing one of our recent roofing projects, the re-roofing of Stevenson Towers A, B, C and D at Northern Illinois University. Featured in the Fall edition of Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) Today, this project started before the onset of the COVID pandemic and was subsequently delayed. It picked back up in the Summer of 2021, with the completion of Towers A and B. The remaining Towers C and D were finished in the Summer of 2022. This project consisted of the replacement of a 60+ year old coal tar pitch roof membrane on the main roof area and the penthouse roof of each tower. The new roof composition is made of Versico Roofing Systems Grey TPO Adhered Roof System, and all 4 towers were completed by Sterling Commercial Roofing, Inc.

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