2020 Northwest Highway

ARCON was asked to design a retail development center on a triangular piece of property along a major arterial road in Arlington Heights. The client’s desire was to maximize the value of the site with rentable space, while maintaining a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. The narrow site made it challenging to orient the buildings and allocate the necessary space required for traffic circulation and parking. Located on the eastern edge of Arlington Heights, the development is also considered a “gateway” into the city. This, more than anything, stressed the need to be a truly unique development.

The site was broken into three separate buildings. Two structures bookended the site creating decorative anchors, while the central building housed the largest square footage. Pedestrian walkways and heavily landscaped areas helped create a nurturing atmosphere that promoted foot traffic. Aesthetically, a mixture of metal, glass, and masonry helped pronounce modern elements into the facade. A mix of color and lighting was used to accentuate the development and create a bold statement to passing vehicles.


2020 Northwest Highway


Arlington Heights, IL


10,650 SF New Construction

Design Build

ARCON Associates, Inc. / Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


February 2012