ARCON Associates, Inc.

A New Office

Designed for more efficiency, better collaboration amongst all of our team, and ultimately a better service to our clients, this 12,000 square foot space easily serves the needs of 30 ARCONians with room for expansion.

The new space includes areas for project architects, project managers, and architectural team members, all sharing the natural lighting afforded by large exterior windows. Offices for ARCON leadership, sacrificed exterior views, but are located directly adjacent to the architectural team. Conference rooms for the architectural team are ample and accessible for internal collaboration. Offices for administration, accounting, human resources, technology, business development, and marketing share adjacencies to further foster complete team collaboration.

A central spine separates the public spaces from the aforementioned spaces, and includes two main conference rooms adjacent to the reception area, a product and sample library, a central print room, a mail room, lunch room, and public restrooms.


ARCON Associates, Inc.


Lombard, IL


12,000 SF Renovation

Construction Manager

ARCON Associates, Inc. / Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


July 2010