Chicago Swim School

The inaugural tenant of the 2020 Northwest Highway Complex, this 6,000 square foot space proved to be a design challenge. The 50 foot depth of the building was a major limiting factor. The school itself is special in that it functions as a swimming instructional center for children between the ages of 2 and 12. The pool required accommodating for eight groups of four students for 30 minute lessons throughout the day. Also included in the building program is a viewing area for parents, co-ed family locker rooms/changing areas, toilet rooms, administrative offices, a vending area, and a welcoming reception area with a bright, child friendly color scheme.

This solution is currently being utilized as the prototype for The Chicago Swim School, and other locations are being planned for implementation.


Chicago Swim School


Arlington Heights, IL


6,000 SF Renovation

Design Build

ARCON Associates, Inc. / Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


June 2012