Culver’s Restaurant

In keeping continuity with the Culver’s Brand, ARCON worked closely with Culver’s Corporate, as well as the Building Owner, to achieve a unique and successful project. The standard design of Culver’s was pushed forward by modernizing their “Metro M” prototype design. Composite metal panels, aluminum sunshades, roof screens, and decorative lights were utilized in order to stress the unique design, and set a new bar for future Culver’s designs. All the while, ARCON had to design a building that fit within the theme of the adjacent development. The building needed to work within the constraints of a tight site and parking needed to be maximized while an efficient layout of the building orientation needed to be created.


Culver's Restaurant


Arlington Heights, IL


4,340 SF Renovation

Design Build

ARCON Associates, Inc. / Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


May 2012