Glenbrook South High School Nurses’ Office

Glenbrook High School District 225 partnered with ARCON Associates Inc. to complete a renovation of their existing Nurses’ Office. Due to increased student enrollment and existing inefficiencies in their current suite, the district undertook updates to create a space that would better meet their needs now and be flexible into the future.

The vision for the flow in the space is for students to move from intake at the waiting room that includes a counter check-in station, to “assess and address” which will take place at the exam bays, and finally to “communicate, or close.” The private rooms at the south end of the suite will function to house a number of programmatic needs, from hearing and vision screening to private exam space to small conferences with students. The head nurse has an office located at the middle of this office wing that provides privacy when needed, but that allows a direct view into the entire suite for visibility and oversight. The nursing staff will be positioned at the center of the space, where several touchdown surfaces and storage will support their needs. The furniture solution was also carefully selected to be efficient and effective in order to maximize space usage.

The overall design is intended to be both functional and beautiful. Color selections and careful material choices invoke a feeling of calm, while fitting within the project budget.


Glenbrook High Schools District 225


Glenview, IL



Construction Manager

Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


August 2020