Hinsdale South High School Library

Following an ARCON led Master Facility Plan process for Hinsdale THSD 86, and successful referendum, the dark, underutilized, existing South HS library was among several projects targeted for modernization. This dark, and underutilized library lacked collaborative space for both small and large groups. The ever increasing need to integrate technology required joint space for the TSI and Library programs to share.

Featured at the entrance of the library is a flexible classroom space that allows for large groups gatherings, as well as accommodates large district board meetings. Students can also receive tech assistance from the school’s IT department, and access a print-and-go station, located at the entrance of the library. Office, workrooms, and small group spaces line the rest of the perimeter of the library, allowing the remainder of the footprint to be open and flexible.

A mixture of formal and informal meeting spaces, and various furniture types provides variety within the space allowing students to choose which environment best supports their learning needs. The two classroom sized group rooms can be opened to each other, as well as to the main library space, to serve larger school and District functions. The library is configured in such a way to house the District’s monthly Board of Education meetings.


Hinsdale THSD 86

Building Area

10,750 SF Renovation




225 Students

Construction Manager

Pepper Construction


August 2020