Hinsdale South High School Special Education

Following an ARCON led Master Facility Plan process for Hinsdale THSD 86, and successful referendum, several projects were identified that would help align the district’s physical spaces with their educational goals. These projects were to be phased over a multi-year plan. The renovation of Hinsdale South High School’s Special Education Department was one of the identified projects. The existing special education space lacked accessibility to today’s code standards. It was also outdated and did not serve the current District’s curriculum goals. The area was re-planned to expand classroom and department office spaces. Support room functions (accessible single user restrooms, changing rooms, IEP conference and sensory rooms) where consolidated and centrally located in the corridor.

The design solution incorporates color to highlight entrances to classrooms and supports spaces along a central corridor, visually connecting related program spaces. Two Foundation program classrooms, a shared Life-Skills space, a sensory room, testing spaces, confidential meeting spaces, and psychology and speech therapy meeting spaces.

The department now centralizes staff in to one area, minimizing the time students will have to transfer to see specialists. Increased storage was provided for equipment, and “lesson plans”. Conference space was also provided to staff for professional development, and private meetings.


Hinsdale THSD 86

Building Area

8,150 SF Renovation


70 Students

Construction Manager

Pepper Construction


August 2020