Lake Park High School East Campus Auditorium

A 7,000 square foot auditorium addition and reconstruction at Lake Park East High School included work on the loading dock, scene shop, and costume / scenery storage. This existing Auditorium was completely demolished down to the structure, and rebuilt, piece by piece. ARCON’s design created a new 650 seat auditorium with far superior acoustical qualities to the previous design. The components of the new $3,750,000 auditorium design area included:

  • Seating was replaced and made ADA compliant
  • The stage rigging was replaced and new lines were added
  • New theatrical lighting systems were installed
  • All existing stage curtains were replaced
  • The catwalks were redesigned to allow the school to replace all of the lamps on the new house lighting without ladders or lifts
  • Installed Anti-pro lighting in front of the proscenium opening
  • The asbestos plaster ceiling was removed and new acoustical clouds were designed to improve the acoustics in the house
  • The side stage areas were demolished and reconfigured to provide better site lines and elongated projection which greatly improved acoustics
  • The vertical wood wall systems at both sides of the house were replaced with reflective surfaces to move the sound toward the back of the house
  • The lobby was demolished and completely renovated including a new ticket booth
  • The existing mechanical system was relocated away from the house and stage, and all duct work was replaced to allow lower air volumes, resulting in a very quiet auditorium
  • A new 70’ x 53’ scene shop, with large storage balcony and a new loading dock was part of the 7,000 square foot addition. A huge costume storage area was designed and includes sewing facilities and a clothing rack was designed to hold 2,00 costumes. Scenery storage was also added.


Lake Park CHSD 108


Roselle, IL


7,000 SF Addition

Grades / Capacity

9-12 / 650 Seats