District-Wide Tennis Courts

Township High School District 211 had only once repaved six of the existing total of 56 tennis courts, in the history of 211’s Schools.  50 of the District tennis courts remained original asphalt. Surface recoloring/coating over the years was becoming a significant annual  maintenance investment, leaving a patchwork of touch-up recurring repairs.

To provide parity of the tennis facilities at all five of the District’s High Schools, all of the courts in the District were prepped, and received a new surface layer of asphalt pavement, as the most economical option for the District’s quantity of courts, along with new court net posts and nets, and new court colors, per industry playing surface requirements.  The desire is that this still significant investment will give the courts sufficient longevity to allow for future life cycle cost budgeting planning a replacement schedule, based on the previous history of maintenance the original surfaces required.


Township High School District 211


Palatine, IL


District-Wide (5 schools)

Construction Manager

Nicholas & Associates, Inc.