Schaumburg High School Library

As part of an initiative to support their evolving 21st Century curriculum, THSD 211 requested that ARCON create plans to renovate their existing school libraries. The existing library at Schaumburg High School was compartmentalized. Built-in casework and shelving occupied valuable square-footage that the school wished to dedicate to student use and the existing entry was uninviting.

The design for the renovated space included a large, open library entrance, designed to attract students to the space and create transparency to highlight library functions. The existing circulation desk was modified and relocated to the library center to allow for improved supervision and to centralize library staff so they can better serve the student population. The library layout allows for four large classrooms to meet in the space and breakout spaces, providing opportunities for team learning and quiet study. A new cafe’ appeals to the student population and is widely utilized.

Existing columns were purposed to provide charging stations for students. Likewise, a student genius bar and new windows into the tech staff area enhance opportunities for tech support in the space. Flexible furniture compliments the design and allows students and staff to tailor the space to meet their changing needs. The renovated library is a central “hub for learning” and serves to supplement the learning happening in the classroom.


Township High School District 211


Schaumburg, IL


15,400 SF Renovation



Construction Manager

Nicholas & Associates, Inc.


May 2015