Beecher Elementary Masonry Repair

Built in the late 1940s, this elementary school located in the south suburbs of Chicago was experiencing major spalling of the exterior wythe of masonry due to water penetration and inadequate water management. Not only was the exterior shell affected, but the indoor school environment as well.

The exterior wythe of masonry was removed, exposing rusting steel lintels due to missing flashings and weep holes. Corroded steel was ground and primed, while deeply corroded steel was replaced. Proper flashings were installed to protect the steel from future corrosion, and proper weep holes installed to properly manage water infiltration.

Stone aggregate veneer panels, which were improperly installed earlier as part of a window replacement project, were removed and new masonry veneer and aluminum window units were installed in their place. The masonry parapet, roof membrane, through-wall roof scuppers, and interior finishes were all restored as part of this project.

Major Services Performed

  • Masonry Wall Investigations
  • Masonry Rebuilding
  • Structural Steel Repairs
  • Tuckpointing
  • Flashing Replacement


Beecher CUSD 200U


Beecher, IL

Building Area

62,400 SF

Roof Area Covered

801,190 SF


August 2009