District-Wide Building Envelope Repairs

As part of the districts’ 10-year Life Safety Compliance, ARCON helped Township HSD 211 with design and project management for several masonry and envelope repairs at two of the district’s high schools. After initial masonry investigation and programming at Conant High School and Schaumburg High School, our team conducted extensive tuckpointing and masonry repair of deteriorated walls, as well as replacing deteriorated wall panels. There was also window and curtainwall replacement of several deteriorated units, original to the 1964 building. Window replacement and curtain wall repairs were done along many of the facilities’ prominent walls. Foundation repairs for subsurface groundwater leakage were performed, as well as the rebuilding of distended gymnasium walls. All of these repairs will help prolong the life of the district’s buildings.

Major Services Performed

  • Tuckpointing & Masonry Restoration
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Window Replacements & Repairs
  • Wall Panel Replacements
  • Flashing Replacements
  • Roof Systems Preventative Maintenance


Township High School District 211


Schaumburg, IL

Building Area

2,185,000 SF (23 buildings)