Hoffman Estates High School Roof Repairs

ARCON has been involved with Township High School District 211 for over 40 years working on roof replacement, roof repairs, masonry restoration, and long-range planning of both their roof and masonry assets.

2019: Northwest Classroom Roof Areas

Replacement of the 30 plus year old, previously designed ARCON low-slope coal tar pitch built-up roof system with a new modified bitumen roof system with gravel surfacing. The existing roof system was evaluated through roof core sampling and analysis.  It was determined that the existing roof membrane required complete removal and replacement, but the existing insulation could be re-used.  The existing roof membrane was first removed from the existing roof insulation.  Two additional layers of roof insulation were added to increase the roof system R-value to meet the code required R-30.

The new modified bitumen roof system with gravel surfacing was then installed.  The option to re-use the existing roof insulation provided a cost savings to Township HSD 211 of over $300,000 dollars in lieu of complete removal and replacement of the entire roof system down the steel roof deck.  This approach also provided an environmentally friendly alternative by minimizing the disposal and transportation of materials to the local landfill.


Township High School District 211


Hoffman Estates, IL


62,000 SF


August 2019